EPAS Independent Review

On 30 March 2018, the future implementation of the Enterprise Patient Administration system (EPAS) was paused pending an independent review to determine the best options for delivering a fully integrated electronic health record across the South Australian public health system.

An independent expert panel was appointed to conduct the review, and comprises Chair, Shane Solomon, former Commonwealth Chief Medical Officer, Professor Chris Baggoley, and health informatics expert Dr Malcolm Thatcher.

The Review team has met with multiple stakeholders and users of EPAS over the past two months. It has also analysed numerous documents and conducted international benchmarking of other EMR systems.

As part of the process, the Review Panel has summarised the issues it has heard and discovered in the EPAS Program, in a Consultation Paper on the Independent Review of South Australia’s Enterprise Patient Administration System (EPAS) (PDF 913KB).

The Review Panel is interested in hearing whether you think it has correctly identified the key issues, and whether there are other matters it should examine. The Consultation Paper also points to key strategic choices and the overall options being considered. The Review Panel, is interested in whether there are other key strategic directions and options that should be considered. The Consultation Paper poses a series of questions which are of interest to the Review Panel, and may assist guide your response to the Paper.

Your input is welcome and will be fully considered by the Review Panel. Your response is sought before November 9th, so that the Review Panel can meet its requirement to report by 30 November 2018. These can be provided in the confidential email box:

For more information on the scope of the review, view the EPAS Independent Review - Terms of Reference (PDF 102KB).

IMPORTANT – All information sent to is confidential and will only be accessible by the independent expert panel.

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