A presentation is an event where pre-planned material is shown to an audience for a specific purpose.

Although a presentation is a verbal form of communication, it is often supported by other media, such as computer software, slides or printed handouts.

A list of SA Health presentations can be found below:

Across jurisdictions - snapshots from Sweden

Better Oral Health in Residential Care: Education and training program (Module 3 - reflective practice)

Better Oral Health in Residential Care: Education and training program (Supports Key Process - Daily Oral Hygiene)

Center for Global Health

Clozapine Alert - CBIS screen captures

Clozapine Review - CBIS screen captures

Complex problems require courageous solutions

Governance structure & processes and their application for HiAP

Governance structures and processes for HiAP; Analytical framework for inter sectoral governance

GP Clozapine screen captures

Health behind the dykes or Health in a lot of policies in the Netherlands

Health in all Policies & the Social Determinants of Health

Health in All Policies A Reflection from the Region

Health In All Policies: European Union Experience and Perspectives

Health Policy in the 21st century

Health Promotion Capacity of Local Governments

HIA in New Zealand - Additional information

Incident command structure changes

Introductory Speech at the Health in All Policies, Meeting Adelaide, 13-15 April 2010

Launch of The Primary Prevention Plan 2011-2016 and the South Australian Tobacco Control Strategy 2011-2016

Public Transport Network: Transit Oriented Developments

SA Cervix Screen Program - Belle's story

SA’s Strategic Plan & Health in All Policies: Governance

Section 54 of the Public Health Act: Towards the Inclusion of Health in all Policies

South Australia’s Health in All Policies Approach

South Australia’s Health in All Policies Approach (2010)

Standard 1 Clinical governance for health service organisations standard

Standard 2 Partnering with consumers standard

Standard 3 Preventing and controlling healthcare-associated infection standard

Standard 4 medication safety standard

Standard 5 comprehensive care

Standard 6 communicating for safety standard

Standard 7 Blood management standard

Standard 8 Recognising and responding to acute deterioration standard

Transit-Oriented Developments through a Health Lens

User-applied Labelling of Injectable Medicines, Fluids and Lines: Staff Training

Welcome to New Zealand

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