SALHN Consumer and Community Engagement Model

The Southern Adelaide Local Health Network (SALHN) has adopted a new model for engaging with consumers and the community.

The model, which has been developed in partnership with consumers, consolidates previous site and service based consumer councils to create a network-wide approach to consumer and community engagement.  It offers a range of new opportunities for consumer and community participation.

SALHN is committed to ensuring consumers and the community are engaged in all levels of decision making regarding design, planning, implementation and evaluation of our services and infrastructure.

New community engagement roles

Consumers and community members with a range of different skill sets, experiences, knowledge and availability will be sought for new roles, including:

Partnering with Consumers Group (12 positions available for two year contract)
Consumers who will work in partnership with the SALHN Executive and senior management team to help govern consumer and community engagement across the network.

Consumer Surveyor (unlimited positions available)
Consumers who use a survey tool to help capture patient experiences within our hospitals and health sites.                

Patient Information Review Panelist (unlimited positions available)
Consumers who work with SALHN to develop and review patient information to ensure it is patient friendly.

Consumer Representative (two positions available immediately)
Consumers who actively seek feedback from patients in a ward. They provide advice to staff to help make improvements at a ward level to improve the patient experience and provide feedback to support education of staff in patient-centred care.                         

Consumers on working parties (two positions available immediately)
Consumers who sit on a committee or working party for a particular topic (for example, hand hygiene and infection control) and provide a consumer perspective.

Consumers on projects (opportunities advertised regularly)
Consumers who are involved in a time limited project topic that aims to improve accessibility, service delivery, safety and quality to patients across the network.

To apply for any of these roles, please contact Mellita Kimber, Consumer Engagement Coordinator – SALHN on (08) 8204 6197 or email

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