Upgrades on track at Millicent Hospital

Thursday, 31 August 2017

Millicent and District Hospital is undergoing a series of upgrades and purchasing new equipment, further enhancing services and facilities for residents and visitors.

Regional Director South East, Jayne Downs, said weather permitting, the half-a-million dollar upgrade to the fire response system is expected to be completed by the end of October, and thanked the community for their patience.

“Large water tanks and a new pump system are being installed to ensure the water pressure in the precinct’s fire sprinkler system is maintained at the right level at all times,” she said.

“The cement pad for the tanks and pump has been laid and the tender for the new car park is closed and the process to select a developer is about to begin.”

In the past couple of months, the hospital and adjoining Sheoak Lodge have purchased new cleaning equipment, two dishwashers and a new TV for Geltwood Lounge, while the $110,000 upgrade to the nurse call system – which includes glow in the dark bells – has been completed.

In the coming months five air conditioners in the lodge and the hospital’s acute and physiotherapy area will be replaced and a new chemical and linen shed will be built.

Ms Downs said hospital staff were grateful to the Millicent Cancer Support Group, the Millicent Live and Learn Craft Group, the Millicent Lioness Club and the Wattle Range Ladies Auxiliary for their recent donations that included three day surgery chairs worth $10,000 and $2500 in funding towards new anaesthetics equipment and a new panoptic ophthalmoscope

“State funded upgrades to Millicent Hospital and Sheoak Lodge, coupled with the generous donations we’ve received, are helping us continue to provide a wide range of services to patients,” Ms Downs said.

Millicent Health Advisory Council (HAC) has also recently purchased equipment for the hospital and the lodge, including lounge furniture and weighted blankets for therapy residents, and Presiding Member Glenn Brown said the HAC had committed $10,000 to replacing lounge chairs at the lodge.

“The local community should have confidence about the future of Millicent Hospital given the level of works and equipment upgrades that have recently taken place,” Mr Brown said.

“These works and purchases demonstrate the commitment to maintaining the existing services at the hospital, and the HAC is focused on supporting the hospital, as well as Sheoak Lodge, into the future.”

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