Update in SA Pathology Review

The next round of staff consultation will begin today as SA Pathology moves towards achieving performance and efficiency initiatives announced last year.

A proposed service configuration and workforce model has been released for consultation with staff, outlining how public SA Pathology services will be provided in SA into the future.

This proposed configuration includes Core Laboratories at all metropolitan hospitals to provide test results to hospital-based requests 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

The Core Laboratories will be staffed to ensure a sample can be received, processed and the results reported within two hours.

Additionally, the configuration provides a central laboratory to provide all non-urgent and specialist testing for all metropolitan sites.

Acting Executive Director of SA Pathology Dr Janice Fletcher said the changes will create a more efficient pathology service that delivers improvements in patient clinical pathways and patient outcomes.

“The Ernst and Young (EY) review completed in December 2014 found the overall efficiency of SA Pathology was significantly less than interstate and relevant international peers,” Dr Fletcher said.

“Following the report’s recommendations, we are continuing our consultation with staff to work towards creating a more efficient pathology system.”

Once the new Royal Adelaide Hospital laboratory and new laboratory information system is operational, the proposed service configuration and workforce model will deliver continuous improvement and innovation to pathology services in an evolving health care system.

Dr Fletcher said extensive consultation with staff will ensure any changes do not negatively impact service levels and standards.

“We are working towards a proposed reconfiguration that has been developed based on best practice from pathology services around the world,” Dr Fletcher said.

“All proposed changes will be strongly considered and will only be made if the benefits are clear.

“Any changes will be made to complement the wider South Australian healthcare system.”

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