Privacy Breach Quarterly Update

Thursday, 1 December 2016

Over the past three months, two SA Health staff have had their employment terminated for inappropriately accessing patient records.

From 1 September to 30 November, another four staff were disciplined, 1 volunteer was terminated and one staff resigned prior to the allegations being substantiated.

SA Health Interim Chief Executive Vickie Kaminski said the trust between our patients and staff is the bedrock of our high quality health system and we take any breach of patient confidentiality or privacy extremely seriously.

“In February this year SA Health committed to report quarterly how many staff had been disciplined for inappropriately accessing patient medical records during the previous three months,” Ms Kaminski said.

“The vast majority of our staff do the right thing, acting professionally and with high ethical standards as they carry out their role.

“However we have made it clear that staff inappropriately and deliberately accessing confidential patient information would not be tolerated.

“These actions and other strategies we have put in place reinforce our commitment to the highest standards of patient privacy and confidentiality and ensure the South Australian community can have the highest level of confidence in our health system.”

The number of staff disciplined for inappropriately accessing patient records will be published online every three months.

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