Clements House at Oakden to close

Friday, 15 September 2017

Clements House at the Oaken Older Person’s Mental Health Service will close by the end of the month, with the final five residents to be transitioned to the refurbished Northgate House or other appropriate aged care or mental health facilities.

SA Health Deputy Chief Executive, Don Frater, said safely transitioning residents and closing all facilities at Oakden had been a focus for SA Health since the Chief Psychiatrist’s Report was completed.

“The Chief Psychiatrist’s Report made clear recommendations about what were appropriate facilities for aged care residential patients,” Mr Frater said.

“In June we closed down the Makk and McLeay facility with residents transitioned to the refurbished Northgate Aged Care facility and other care providers.

“Over the past few months, our clinicians have worked closely with families to relocate residents from Clements House, into suitable residential care facilities.

“Given there are now only five residents remaining at Clements, we will now transition them to Northgate House or other residential aged care and mental health facilities.

“This will then allow us to decommission Clements House, and the entire Oakden site.”

Head of Unit, Older Persons’ Mental Health Service, Dr Duncan McKellar, said, a number of measures have been implemented to improve the level of care provided to residents.

“Over the past few months we have made significant improvements to how care is provided to the residents of Clements House, “Dr McKellar said.

“We have also been working with families to transition their loved ones from Clements House to alternative residential care facilities.

“We are now in a clinical position where we can safely relocate the last patients and close Clements House.”

In-line with the recommendations of the Chief Psychiatrist’s Report, a specialised contemporary model of care is being developed and a scoping study is underway to determine the site and design of the new $14.7-million aged mental health care facility.

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