Summary results for the SA Burden of Disease Study

Summary results from the South Australian Burden of Disease Study are presented in graphical and tabular form.

Results illustrating the disease burden by age group, disease category and life expectancy are also available.

If the graph or table you want to see is not listed here, you can create it yourself using the data available on our Custom reports page.

Print a printer friendly version of the summary results (PDF 135KB).

Total disease burden by categories - broken down by morbidity and mortality

This graph shows the entire burden of disease in South Australia averaged for the years 2006-2008 (provisional) by disease category. It is easy to see that groups such as cardiovascular disease and malignant neoplasms have a large mortality burden, whereas groups such as mental disorders have little mortality burden but a large burden of illness.

Graph showing the contribution of morbidity (in YLDs) and mortality (in YLLs) to total disease burden (in DALYs), SA 3 year average 2006-2008

Conditions contributing to most disease burden - broken down by morbidity and mortality

Categories are made up of a range of conditions. This graph shows the 20 conditions contributing most to disease burden. Although malignant neoplasms are the second highest cause of burden overall (see the previous graph), they do not feature highly here as the burden is divided between many different kinds of cancer. Once again, the importance of low-mortality, high-morbidity diseases such as depression and osteoarthritis can be seen.

Graph showing Leading 20 conditions contributing to disease burden (3 yearly annual average)


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