SA Burden of Disease Study

The aim of the SA Burden of Disease Study is to describe the average amount of ill health and premature death occurring in the South Australian community. Our initial work included the years 1999-2001. Updated state level estimates covering the period 1999-2001 to 2006-08 are now available.

Our study gathers the best available evidence (which may be uncertain or incomplete) on the distribution and severity of a comprehensive list of illnesses and injuries in South Australia. Estimates of illness and death due to each condition (such as stroke, motor vehicle accident) are available. The Study also provides estimates of the contribution of major risk factors (such as smoking) to the overall burden.

Describing the burden due to each condition or risk factor using the same measures enables decision makers, planners and the public to compare illnesses, risk factors and population groups to see where the greatest burden lies and where there is the greatest need for action.

Diseases and injuries examined

Go to our A to Z list (XLS 29KB) of the disease and injury conditions examined in this study. This list is arranged by category and individual condition.

Data sources

  • Years of Life Lost (YLLs) - (mortality burden) were calculated using deaths data for South Australian residents provided by the Australian Bureau of Statistics using information from the State and Territory Registrars of Births, Deaths and Marriages.
  • Years of Healthy Life Lost to Disability (YLDs) - (morbidity burden) were calculated using a variety of data sources. South Australian data were available for some conditions, but for others the estimates were based on the data sources used in the Australian Institute of Health and Welfare (AIHW) - Burden of Disease and Injury in Australia study.
  • Risk factor burden - like YLD burden, Risk factor burden was calculated using the best available information for that risk factor. For further information about data sources for specific risk factors, see SA Burden of Disease Data Sources (PDF 157KB).


Burden estimates for South Australia in 2003 are taken from the Australian (AIHW) study. For more information see SA Burden of Disease Methods (PDF 319KB).

For information about the assumptions and value judgements made in the Study see Assumptions made (PDF 115KB).

Terms used

See our Glossary of terms (PDF 82KB).

ICD-10 codes

The ICD codes used in the South Australian study use the classifications from the Australian (AIHW) study as the primary source of burden of disease and injury categories.

Refer to the Australian report Annex Table 1 Disease and injury categories and ICD-10 codes for further information.

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