Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Well Women's Screening Program

The Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Well Women's Screening Program is part of the South Australian screening program and a component of the overarching national program.

The Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Program encompasses metropolitan, rural and remote areas of South Australia were Aboriginal women reside. Partnerships have been formed over many years, and ongoing support is also given to:

  • Aboriginal Community Controlled Health Services
  • non-government health services
  • government health services organisations
  • allied health services
  • Aboriginal health workers
  • Nurses
  • Aboriginal and Torres Strait women.

We also endeavour to work with general practitioners and specialists in the cancer field.

We are part of the national renewal program, and we will be undertaking education sessions with community women around the renewal processes and the new screening criteria.

For cultural reasons information and resources relating to Women’s Business will not be publicly displayed.

Further information

For any enquiries, information related to the renewal and available resources please contact the Aboriginal Well Women’s Screening Program please contact us on the following numbers.


Senior Project Officer
0421 619 641

Metropolitan Educator
0481 912 376


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