Background on the South Australian Health Industry Mission Statement

In 2009 the Hon John Hill, Minister for Health hosted a workshop assembling a diverse group of health industry stakeholders.  

The health industry comprises service providers from both the public sector and the private sector.  The private sector providers comprise private for profit and charitable or not for profit providers.  In general terms, the health industry can be divided into six key components:

  • public sector (community services and hospitals)
  • general practice
  • private hospital sector
  • health fund sector
  • other private providers such as optometry, dentistry, pharmacy
  • non-government or charitable institutions.

The workshop introduced the concept of a ‘charter’ as a framework for establishing a basis for closer working relationships and collaboration across public and private health organisations to achieve improved health outcomes for all South Australians.

At the conclusion of the workshop stakeholders indicated strong support for developing interagency relationships through an agreement or a mission statement and that there was potential in working cooperatively to achieve specific objectives.

To progress this work, the Minister hosted an inaugural meeting of stakeholders on 9 December 2010.  The Minister’s presentation explored the key elements of work nominated by stakeholders and presented each organisation with the final stakeholder endorsed South Australian Health Industry Mission Statement.

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