South Australian Medicines Advisory Committee (SAMAC)

The South Australian Medicines Advisory Committee (SAMAC) was established in July 2010 as an expert committee of the SA Department for Health and Ageing to encourage the appropriate, equitable, safe and cost-effective use of medicines in SA.

SAMAC provides a resource for SA Health, South Australian hospitals and healthcare professionals in the delivery of advice on the equitable and quality use of medicines in SA to provide all South Australians with access to quality, safe, complete and affordable health care.

SAMAC's role

The role of SAMAC includes:

  • Promoting consistency in the development of guidelines and strategies relating to the use of medicines within South Australia.
  • Providing an objective evaluation of the clinical benefits, safety and costs of medicines that are proposed for use in public health facilities to promote rational therapeutic drug use.
  • Undertaking activities relating to the monitoring of medicines use to ensure best practice.
  • Dissemination of medicines advice to the community, enabling consumers to make informed decisions on the use of medicines.

SAMAC membership

Chaired by Emeritus Professor Anne Tonkin, SAMAC is composed of representatives covering the spectrum of health disciplines across the public and private sectors and other bodies with an interest in the use of medicines.

See below for a full listing of members.


SAMAC welcomes communication regarding SAMAC initiatives and issues affecting medicines and medicines use across South Australia, particularly issues relevant to SA Health. For further information about SAMAC please contact the SAMAC Executive Officer by email or phone (08) 8204 1941.

SAMAC membership

Representative area Name Job title and area

Emeritus Professor Anne Tonkin

Emeritus Professor, University of Adelaide & Senior Visiting Specialist, Royal Adelaide Hospital

Central Adelaide Local Health Network

Professor Sepehr Shakib

Director, Department of Clinical Pharmacology, Royal Adelaide Hospital (Chair CALHN DTC)

Associate Professor Mary White

Senior Consultant in Intensive Care, Royal Adelaide Hospital

Country Health SA Local Health Network

Ms Jenny Pink

Director of Pharmacy Services, Country Health SA LHN, SA Pharmacy

Associate Professor David Rosenthal

Chief Consultant, Quality & Safety, Country Health SA LHN (Chair CHSA DTC)

Northern Adelaide Local Health Network

Dr John Maddison

Geriatrician & Clinical Pharmacologist Medical Co-Director - Aged Care, Rehabilitation & Palliative Care

Mr Richard Marotti

Director of Pharmacy Services, Northern Adelaide LHN, SA Pharmacy

Southern Adelaide Local Health Network

Mr Vaughn Eaton

Director, SA Pharmacy - SALHN

Dr Stephen Hedger

Director General Medicine, Flinders Medical Centre (Chair SALHNDTC)

Women’s and Children’s Health Service

Dr Chris Pearson

Paediatrician, Department of General Medicine, Women’s & Children’s Hospital (Chair WCHN DTC)

Mr Sean Turner

Director of Pharmacy Services, Women’s & Children’s Health Network, SA Pharmacy

Chief Medical Officer, SA Health

Professor Paddy Phillips

Chief Medical Officer, SA Health

Chief Nursing and Midwifery Officer, SA Health (nominee)

Ms Julie Brown

Senior Nursing & Midwifery Policy Officer, SA Health

Chief Psychiatrist, SA Health

Dr Aaron Groves

Chief Psychiatrist, SA Health

Director, Medicines and  Technology Programs, SA Health

Ms Naomi Burgess

Director, Medicines and  Technology Programs

Finance and Business Review Division, SA Health

Mr Stuart Conboy

Manager Funding Models & Allocations, Finance and Business Review Division, SA Health

Community Pharmacy

Mr Grant Kardachi

Pharmacy/Accredited Pharmacist & Immediate Past President, Pharmaceutical Society of Australia (PSA)

Hospital Pharmacy

Associate Professor Chris Doecke

Director of Pharmacy Services, Central Adelaide LHN, SA Pharmacy

General Practice

Professor Nigel Stocks

Head of Discipline of General Practice, University of Adelaide

Private Hospitals Vacant  
Consumer Advocate

Mr Michael Cousins

Chief Executive, Health Consumers Alliance of SA

Chair, SA expert Advisory Group on Antimicrobial Resistance (SAAGAR)

Dr Morgyn Warner

Consultant Physician, Microbiology and Infectious Diseases, SA Pathology, CALHN (TQEH & Royal Adelaide Hospital)

Chair, South Australian Formulary Committee (SAFC)

Dr Tilenka Thynne

Clinical Pharmacologist & Endocrinologist, Flinders Medical Centre

Chair, South Australian Medicines Evaluation Panel (SAMEP)

Professor Catherine Hill

Staff Specialist Rheumatology Unit, The Queen Elizabeth Hospital

Chair, South Australian Medication Safety Advisory Group(SAMSAG)

Ms Naomi Burgess

Director, Medicines & Technology Programs and Out of Hospital Pharmacy Services, SA Pharmacy

Pharmacology and Medicines Policy

Emeritus Professor Felix Bochner

Clinical Pharmacology, Royal Adelaide Hospital

Executive Officer

Ms Adele Crichton

Senior Pharmacist, Medicines & Technology Programs, SA Health


SAMAC sub-committees and working groups

SAMAC is supported by multidisciplinary expert standing committees and working groups to address specific medicines issues. These committees will provide stakeholders with opportunities for robust discussion, debate, and evaluation of medicines issues. Current SAMAC sub-committees include:


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