Consumer, Carer and Community Participation

Winner: Mental Health Lived Experience Register

Mental Health and Substance Abuse, Department for Health and Ageing

Lived experience is the knowledge and understanding you get when you have lived through something. When we talk about people with mental health lived experience, we mean people living with mental illness and family or friends supporting someone living with mental illness.

Over 12 months the Statewide Mental Health Lived Experience Register (the Register) was planned and developed by Mental Health and Substance Abuse, in conjunction with people with lived experience. The Register launched in June 2013, providing a mechanism for those with lived experience to provide feedback, observations, ideas and recommendations for improving Mental Health Services in South Australia.

Finalist: Nunga Lunches

Aboriginal Primary Health Care Unit, Country Health SA Local Health Network

SA Health is committed to ensuring the South Australian health care system is safe, of a high quality and accessible for all. In order to improve the accessibility of health services, the Aboriginal Primary Health Care Unit in Murray Bridge has developed a program or providing healthy lunches to community members one day a week.

Prior to commencing this program, community feedback indicated that many at risk community members were disengaged for health services. Aboriginal Health Workers were having difficulty getting community members to access care and community members rarely dropped in to the service. Since the commencement of this program an average of 50 community members have attended the lunch each week.

Attendees are able to accessed health interventions when they attend for lunch and there is now far greater engagement with the health service by at risk community members.

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