2012 Margaret Tobin Awards winners

Congratulations to our 2012 winners and finalists of the Dr Margaret Tobin Awards for Excellence in Mental Health.

In 2012 we are also pleased to announce our first Dr Margaret Tobin Award Overall Winner who was selected by a specially convened panel from the 2012 category winners.

Dr Margaret Tobin Award Overall Winner 2012

Mr Andrew Groome

Child and Mental Health Service, Ernabella (Anangu Pitjantjatjara Yankunytjatjara Lands), Women’s and Children’s Health Network

Excellence in Leadership and Commitment to Mental Health Reform

Ms Laura Lapthorne

Laura was nominated posthumously for her exceptional leadership skills and her high quality, person centred focus on the delivery of mental health care to consumers. She was an acting Clinical Practice Consultant at the Inner Southern Community Mental Health team at Marion.

Laura demonstrated her passion for consumer focused mental health nursing at every opportunity. She was involved in multiple projects, reflecting her enthusiasm for the opportunity to do things differently.

An inspirational leader, Laura had an innate ability to engage with clinicians across all levels of her team. She provided them with a vision of a positive way forward, and practical strategies which improved the recovery journey for people with a mental illness.

Excellence in the Provision of Mental Health Services (Organisational Award)


The Mindshare Program was developed as a partnership between the Mental Health Coalition of SA Inc and the Media Resource Centre.

The aim was to create a vibrant on-line community that showcases the work and views of people with lived experience of mental illness.  

On Mindshare you will find artwork, short stories, poetry, photography, original music recordings, mini documentaries, digital stories and blogs submitted by people with lived experience of a mental health problem or illness, as well as their carers, sector workers and friends.

Excellence in Promoting Positive Mental Health by Reporting Mental Illness and Mental Health in a Balanced and Respectful Way (Individual or Organisational Award)

Ms Caroline Winter

Ms Winter is a reporter for the ABC 7.30 South Australia television show. Most recently in November 2011, she presented the story ‘New paths to healing for the loved ones left behind’ which highlighted the needs of those left behind when someone takes their own life.

In her story, Ms Winter explored the impact of suicide on families and friends, and how they cope, illustrated the point that whilst suicide can devastate, it can also breathe strength and clarity into the lives of those affected, and increased the awareness about the help needed for people bereaved by suicide.

Aboriginal Award – Excellence in the Provision of Mental Health Services for those most in Need or Most at Risk (Individual or Organisational Award)

Mr Andrew Groome

Andrew is employed by the Child & Adolescent Mental Health Service in Ernabella, part of the Women’s and Children’s Health Network. He works with significant numbers of children and young people who have mental health issues, and their families, across the Anangu Ptijantjatjara Yangkuntjatjara (APY) lands. Andrew’s work extends well beyond his assigned work role - he establishes close relationships with young people in communities based on high levels of trust and respect.

Andrew is also a highly skilled teacher and has trained school staff members in Shine SA and the Keeping Safe curriculum, delivering training in culturally appropriate ways, highly sensitive to the confronting issues of sexualised behaviours and abuse and neglect.

Mental Health Consumer Award – For the Person who has made an Outstanding Contribution to Improvements for People with, or at Risk of developing a Mental Illness

Ms Sharon Buer

Sharon Buer is employed by UnitingCare Wesley Port Adelaide as a Peer Support worker. Sharon breaks down barriers through her skilful and thoughtful approach to mental illness through reference to her own lived experience and journey. She has transformed two programs – Avalon and Metro Adelaide Community Living - into consumer centred and creatively engaging support programs.

Sharon developed the Conexoz publication (a magazine for people with a mental illness) and contributed to Mindshare (digital storytelling), modelling to others the benefits of creativity in the recovery journey. She shares invaluable knowledge with the mental health team about the challenges and realities of living with a mental illness.

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