Policies and guidelines

High-level strategic policies give effect to the visions and directions of the government and guide the whole direction and culture of the department or the portfolio. Policies inform staff of their working arrangements in terms of process, content, attitude, priority and urgency.

The following types of policies can be found within this section:

  • Guidelines
  • Directives
  • Codes of Practice


Preventing Adverse Drug Events Guideline

Preventing Adverse Drug Events Policy Directive

Preventing and Responding to Challenging Behaviour Policy Directive

Preventing and Responding to Challenging Behaviour, Violence and Aggression Policy Guideline

Preventing and Responding to Work Related Exposure to Infectious Disease Policy Guideline

Prevention of Slips, Trips & Falls Policy Directive

Prisoners - Care and Treatment in SA Health Services Policy Directive

Privacy Policy Directive

Private Practice Clearing Account Policy Directive

Privately Practising Midwives Access to Public Maternity Services in South Australia Health Policy Directive

Probiotic - SA Neonatal Medication Guidelines

Probity in SA Health Procurement Policy Directive

Procurement and Contract Management System Policy

Prolonged pregnancy - SA Perinatal Practice Guidelines

Propranolol 10mg tablet 2mg mL and 5mg mL oral mixture - SA Neonatal Medication Guidelines

Propranolol for infantile harmangioma - SA Paediatric Clinical Guideline

Providing Medical Assessment and/or Treatment where patient consent cannot be obtained Policy Directive

Provision of Tuberculosis Services - No Out of Pocket Costs to Patients Policy Directive

Provisions, Contingent Liabilities and Assets Policy Directive

Psychological Health (WHS)

Psychosocial Rehabilitation Support Services Standards

Psychotropic Medication During Pregnancy and Breastfeeding - SA Perinatal Practice Guidelines

Purchase Card Policy Directive

Purchase Recommendation Policy Guideline

Pyridoxine - SA Neonatal Medication Guidelines

Recognising and responding to clinical deterioration guideline

Recognising and responding to clinical deterioration Policy Directive

Referral to Specialist Outpatient Services Policy Guideline

Registration of Health Practitioners - Recording and Monitoring Policy Directive

Rehabilitation Services - Referral Guideline - NALHN

Release of non-executive employees for temporary roles

Remote or Isolated Work Health and Safety (WHS) Policy Guideline

Remote or Isolated Work Safety (WHS) Policy Directive

Renal Outpatient Referral Guidelines NALHN

Reporting and management of incidents of suspected or alleged sexual assault of an adult, or sexual misconduct by an adult, within SA Health facilities and services Policy Directive

Reprocessing of Reusable Medical Devices Policy Directive

Requisition, Purchase Order and Invoice Management Policy Directive

Research Ethics Operational Policy Directive

Research Governance Policy Directive

Respectful Behaviour Policy Directive

Respiratory Protection against Airborne Infectious Diseases Clinical Guideline

Respiratory Service - NALHN Outpatient Referral Guideline

Restraint and Seclusion Application and Observation Requirements Chief Psychiatrist Standard

Restraint and Seclusion Recording and Reporting Chief Psychiatrist Standard

Resuscitation Planning - 7 Step Pathway

Rifampicin 600mg injection, 20mg/mL oral mixture - SA Neonatal Medication Guidelines

Risk Management Policy Directive

Roles, Responsibilities and Governance (WHSIM)

Root Cause Analysis Policy Directive

Safe Infant Sleeping Policy Directive

Safe Prescribing of New Oral Anticoagulants: Apixaban, Rivaroxaban and Dabigatran Clinical Guideline

Salary and Wages Recharges Inter-business Policy Directive and Procedure

Salvage and Disposal Guidelines

Salvage and Disposal Policy Directive

Same Day Surgery Policy Directive

Same Gender Accommodation Policy Directive

Same Gender Accommodation Policy Guideline

Samples (Product Starter Packs) Policy

Scabies management in care facilities

School Immunisation Database User Guides January 2018

Screening for perinatal anxiety and depression Clinical Guideline

Security of Consumer Payment Card Information Policy Directive

Seizures in Children - SA Paediatric Clinical Guideline

Sexual abuse in childhood: Care considerations for women who are pregnant - Restricted SA Perinatal Practice Guideline

Snakebite and Spiderbite: Management Guidelines - South Australia

Social Media Communications Policy Directive

sodium bicarbonate - SA Neonatal Medication Guidelines

Sodium chloride 0.45%, 0.9% & 20% intravenous, 6% inhalation, 20% oral solution* - SA Neonatal Medication Guidelines

South Australia’s Mental Health and Wellbeing Policy 2010 - 2015

South Australian GP Obstetric Shared Care Protocols 2017

South Australian Haemodialysis Guidelines: Routine Water Testing and Reverse Osmosis Monitoring Clinical Guideline

South Australian HIV PEP Management Plan - Implementation of the National Guidelines for Post-exposure Prophylaxis after Non-occupational and Occupational Exposure to HIV

South Australian Public Health (Severe Domestic Squalor) Policy 2013

South Australian Recycled Water Guidelines

South Australian Safe Infant Sleeping Standards

South Australian Youth Mental Health System of Care Operational Guidelines

Southern and Eastern Border States Research Contract Amendment Review Template

Specialist Outpatient Clinics – Frequently Asked Questions

Specialist Outpatient Services Clinical Urgency Category Policy Directive

Specialist Outpatient Services Directive

Specialist Outpatient Services Patient Focussed Bookings Guideline

Specialist Outpatient Services Waiting List Management Policy Guideline

Spell it out: Standardised terminology, abbreviations and symbols to be used when communicating about medicines Policy

spironolactone - SA Neonatal Medication Guidelines

Splenectomy Vaccination and Antimicrobial Prophylaxis for Adult Asplenic and Hyposplenic Patients Clinical Guideline

Staff Access to Medicines for Personal Use Policy Directive

Standards for Maternal and Neonatal Services in South - SA Neonatal Medication Guidelines

Standards for the Management of Category 1 Caesarean Section in SA Policy

Standards for the Management of Termination of Pregnancy in South Australia

Standards for the Management of the Obese Obstetric Woman in SA

Standing orders for the administration of drugs of dependence in a health service facility

Staphylococcus aureus bacteraemia (SAB) management guideline (adult)

Statewide Formulary for High Cost Medicines Policy

Stay Sharp - Stay safe

Stay Sharp - Stay Safe (white)

Stocktake Policy Directive

Storage and Recording of Restricted Schedule 4 Prescription Only Medicines Policy Directive

Stroke Management Procedures & Protocols

Submitting Monitoring Plans and Incident Notification Protocols for approval

sucrose - SA Neonatal Medication Guidelines

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