Policies and guidelines

High-level strategic policies give effect to the visions and directions of the government and guide the whole direction and culture of the department or the portfolio. Policies inform staff of their working arrangements in terms of process, content, attitude, priority and urgency.

The following types of policies can be found within this section:

  • Guidelines
  • Directives
  • Codes of Practice


Family Safety Framework Policy Directive

FBT Public Hospital Exemption and Salary Sacrifice Policy Directive

Febrile Neutropenia Management (adults) Clinical Guideline

Fees Policy for the Review of Research Ethics and Governance Applications

Ferrous Sulfate 6mg mL elemental iron oral mixture Ferro-liquid - SA Neonatal Medication Guidelines

Finance and Operating Leases Policy Directive

Finance Policy and Procedure Framework Policy Directive

Financial Commitments Policy Directive

Financial Management Compliance Policy Directive

Financial Management of Workers Compensation Payments Policy Directive

First Aid Management Policy Guideline (WHS)

First Stage Labour and Birth in Water Clincial Directive

Flexible Workplaces Policy Directive

Flexible Workplaces Policy Guideline

Fluconazole 2mg mL injection and 10mg mL oral mixture - SA Neonatal Medication Guidelines

Folic Acid 500 microgram tablet - SA Neonatal Medication Guidelines

Forensic Mental Health Patient Admission to SA Health Facilities Policy Directive

Framework for Active Partnership with Consumers and the Community Policy Directive

Fraud and Corruption Control Policy Directive

Freedom of Information (FOI) Policy Directive

Gastroenteritis in children - SA Paediatric Clinical Guideline

Gastroenterology - Referral Guideline - Lyell McEwin Hospital

Gaviscon Infant oral granules - SA Neonatal Medication Guidelines

General Medicine - Outpatient Referral Guideline

General Surgery - NALHN Outpatient Referral Guideline

Gentamicin - SA Neonatal Medication Guidelines

Geriatric Medicine - Referral Guideline

Gifts and Benefits Policy Directive

glucagon - SA Neonatal Medication Guidelines

glucose - SA Neonatal Medication Guidelines

Glucose Gel

Good clean body art

Good Clean Body Art (Blk)

Governance Framework for Advanced Scope of Practice and Extended Scope of Practice Roles in SA Health Policy Directive

GP Outpatient Referral Management

Grant Receipts Policy Directive

GST Impact on Property Disposal Policy Directive

Guarantees and Indemnities Policy Directive

Guide for Engaging with Consumers and the Community Policy Guideline

Guideline for Influenza Outbreak Prevention and Management in Residential Care Facilities in South Australia

Guideline for the disposal of transdermal drug of dependence delivery systems

Guideline for the Use of Clinical Trial Agreements in Research

Guideline on the Public Health Standards of Practice for Hairdressing

Guidelines for the Control of Legionella in Manufactured Water Systems in South Australia

Guidelines for the management of Gastroenteritis outbreaks in residential environments in South Australia

Guidelines for the Supplementary Birth Record

Guidelines on the safe and hygienic practice of skin penetration

Gynaecology - NALHN Outpatient Referral Guideline

Haematology - Referral Guideline - Lyell McEwin Hospital

Haematology - Referral Guideline - Modbury Hospital

Hand Hygiene Clinical Guideline

Handling of Hazardous Drugs and Related Wastes in South Australian Health Services Policy Directive

Hazard Identification and Risk Management

Health Care Worker Immunisation Screening Form - Contract Locum

Health Care Worker Immunisation Screening Form - Current Employee

Health Care Worker Immunisation Screening Form - Prospective Employee

Health Care Worker Immunisation Screening Form - Student

Health Promotion practice guidelines

Health Record Management Policy Directive

Health Standards for Children and Young People under the Guardianship of the Minister Policy Directive

Healthcare Associated Infection Prevention Policy Directive

Healthy Food and Drink Choices for Staff and Visitors in SA Health Facilities

Hearing and Noise Management (WHS)

High Risk Medicines Management Policy Directive

High Risk Medicines Management Policy Guideline

High Risk Work Safety (WHS)

HIV in pregnancy - SA Perinatal Practice Guidelines

Hospital in the Home Policy Guideline

Housing and Accommodation Support Partnership (HASP) Program: Program Guidelines

hydrocortisone - SA Neonatal Medication Guidelines

IDA Patient Blood Management - NALHN Outpatient Referral Guideline

Identification of Lost, Stolen, Irregularities in Public Money or Property Policy Directive

Idiopathic Environmental Intolerance or Multiple Chemical Sensitivity Policy Guideline - Guidelines for SA Hospitals and Healthcare Sites 2016

Immunisation for Health Care Workers in South Australia Policy Directive

Immunoglobulin - SA Neonatal Medication Guidelines

Implementation of Enterprise Patient Administration System (EPAS) Policy Directive

Incident Management Policy Guideline Incorporating Open Disclosure Response

Income Management Policy Directive

Indometacin - SA Neonatal Medication Guidelines

Induction and Orientation Policy Directive

Infectious Diseases - NALHN Outpatient Referral Guidelines

Influenza Management Guideline for Emergency Departments and General Practice

Information Asset Classification Policy Directive

Information for Specialist Outpatient Clinic Appointments

Information Sharing Guidelines for Promoting Safety and Wellbeing SA Health ISG Appendix Policy Directive

Insulin infusion regimen - SA Perinatal Practice Guidelines

Intangible Assets Policy Directive

Intent to harm fetus - SA Perinatal Practice Guidelines

Interim Medication Administration Chart - IMAC Clinical Guideline

Interventional Neuroradiology Scope of Clinical Practice Clinical Directive

Intragam P 6% Normal immunoglobulin (human) 60mg/ml for intravenous use injection vial

Inventory Adjustment Policy Directive

Inventory Write-Off Policy Directive

IV Compatibility in Neonates - Neonatal Medication Guideline

IV to Oral Switch Clinical Guideline for Adults Patients - can antibiotics S.T.O.P.

Lamivudine - SA Neonatal Practice Guidelines

Land and Buildings Policy Directive

Legislative Compliance (WHS) Policy Guideline

Legislative Compliance Policy Directive

Legislative Compliance Policy Guideline

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