Policies and guidelines

High-level strategic policies give effect to the visions and directions of the government and guide the whole direction and culture of the department or the portfolio. Policies inform staff of their working arrangements in terms of process, content, attitude, priority and urgency.

The following types of policies can be found within this section:

  • Guidelines
  • Directives
  • Codes of Practice


Charitable Gifts and Donations Policy Directive and Procedure

Charter of Health and Community Services Rights Policy

Checklist of Best Practice Program Development for Aboriginal Health Policy Guideline

Chemical Safety in the Workplace (WHS) Policy Guideline

Child Harm - Medical Neglect or Fabricated or Induced Illness Policy Guideline

Child Protection - Mandatory Notification of actual or suspected child abuse or neglect 0-18years Policy Directive

Child Safe Environments (Child Protection) Policy Directive

Chloramphenicol - Neonatal Medication Guideline

Ciprofloxacin - SA Neonatal Medication Guidelines

Classification of Costs for Asset Sustainment Policy Directive

Classification of Costs for New and Major Projects Policy Directive

Cleaning & Sterilisation of Equipment

Clindamycin 150mg/mL injection, 150mg oral capsule - SA Neonatal Medication Guidelines

Clinical Handover Policy Directive

Clinician's Guide and Code of Practice: Mental Health Act 2009

Clozapine Management Clinical Guideline

Code for the case management of behaviours that present a risk for HIV transmission

Code of Practice for filling tanks containing pesticides from a main water supply

Code of Practice for the Storage and Transport of Drugs of Dependence

Collaborative Case Management of ‘At Risk’ Infants in Birthing Hospitals Policy Directive

Collaborative Case Management of ‘At Risk’ Infants in Birthing Hospitals Policy Guideline

Collection of Cord Blood in SA Public Health Services for the Purposes of Private Cord Blood Banking Clinical Directive

Colorectal - Referral Guideline

Communications Protocol Policy Directive

Community Acquired Pneumonia (adults) Management Clinical Guideline

Complementary and Alternative Medicines Policy Guideline

Concealed or denied pregnancy - SA Perinatal Practice Guidelines

Confined Spaces Safety (WHS) Policy Guideline

Conflict of Interest Declaration and Management POlicy Directive

Constipation in children - SA Paediatric Clinical Guideline

Construction and Renovation at Existing Health Care Facilities: Infection Prevention and Control Policy Guideline

Consumer and Community Advisory Committee Policy Guideline and Toolkit

Consumer Feedback Management Guideline and Toolkit: Complaint Severity Assessment Code Matrix (Appendix 3)

Consumer Feedback Management Guideline and Toolkit: Complaint Severity Assessment Code Matrix (Appendix 5)

Consumer Feedback Management Guideline and Toolkit: Consumer feedback and complaints management process flowchart (Appendix 2)

Consumer Feedback Management Guideline and Toolkit: Consumer Feedback and Complaints Management Toolkit content page

Consumer Feedback Management Guideline and Toolkit: HCSCC Charter of Rights alignment to the National health complaints categories and sub-category (Appendix 6)

Consumer Feedback Management Guideline and Toolkit: National Health complaints categories and subcategory definitions (Appendix 1)

Consumer Feedback Management Guideline and Toolkit: SA Health consumer feedback and complaints management data collection (Appendix 4)

Consumer Feedback Management Policy Directive

Consumer Feedback Management Policy Guideline and Toolkit

Containment Management: Pain Management Service flow chart, SALHN

Contract Variation Policy Directive

Controlled Substances Licencing of First Aid Service Providers

Coronial Process and the Coroners Act 2003 Directive

Coronial Process and the Coroners Act 2003 Guideline

Corporate Identity Policy Directive

Corporate Records Management Policy Directive

Credentialling and Defining the Scope of Clinical Practice for Medical and Dental Practitioners Policy

Criminal and Relevant History Screening Policy Directive

Cross Border Arrangements - Transferring the care of Mental Health Patients between South Australia and Other States and Territories Chief Psychiatrist Standard

Croup - SA Paediatric Clinical Guideline

Cyclopentolate - Neonatal Medication Guideline

Cystic fibrosis in pregnancy - SA Perinatal Practice Guidelines

Cystic Fibrosis Infection Prevention and Control Clinical Guideline

Data Quality Management Policy Directive

Declaration of Life Extinct by Registered Nurses and Midwives in the Absence of a Medical Practitioner

Depreciation and Amortisation Policy Directive

Desmopressin acetate - SA Neonatal Medication Guidelines

Developing a Custom Risk Management Plan with the Community Water Planner

Deviation from Approved Acquisition Plan Policy Directive

Diabetes Education Centre - NALHN Outpatient Referral Guideline

Diabetes Mellitus and Gestational Diabetes - SA Perinatal Practice Guidelines

Diabetic ketoacidosis (DKA) in children - SA Paediatric Clinical Guideline

Diazoxide - SA Neonatal Medication Guidelines

Directive Management of Work Related Injury-Illness (WHSIM) Policy Directive

Directive Sitting Fees and Reimbursement for External Individuals Policy Directive

Disclosure Requirements for Consultants and Contractors Policy Directive

Domestic Travel Policy Directive

Domestic Travel Policy Guideline

Domestic Violence Policy Directive

Domiciliary Oxygen Policy Guideline

Dosing and Monitoring of Vancomycin in Adults - Clinical Practice Guideline

Ear, Nose And Throat Outpatient Referral Guidelines NALHN

Early Onset Neonatal Sepsis - SA Perinatal Practice Guidelines

Effective and Efficient Utilisation of Agency Nurses / Midwives Policy Directive

eHealth Governance Framework Policy Directive

eHealth Investment Framework Policy Directive

Elective Surgery Activity Transfer Policy Guideline

Elective Surgery Policy Framework and Associated Procedural Guidelines

Electrical Safety (WHS) Policy Guideline

Electroconvulsive Therapy Chief Psychiatrist Standard

Electroconvulsive Therapy Policy Guideline

Electronic Discharge Summaries Directive

Emergency Department Referrals to Specialist Outpatient Services Guideline

Emergency management policy directive

Empirical Treatment of Bacterial Urinary Tract Infections (adults) Clinical Guideline

Employee Assistance Program Policy Directive

Employee Benefits Policy Directive

Employee Reimbursements and Payments Policy Directive

Employee Use of Social Media Policy

Employees Charged with Criminal Offences Directive

Endocrinology - NALHN Outpatient Referral Guideline

Environmental Management in Health Care Facilities Policy Directive

Epilepsy and pregnancy management - SA Perinatal Practice Guidelines

Erythromycin 1g injection, 40mg/mL oral mixture - SA Neonatal Medication Guidelines

Erythropoietin - Neonatal Medication Guideline

Expenditure Management Policy Directive

Extended Day (23hr) Surgery Policy Directive

Fall and Fall Injury Prevention and Management Policy Directive

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