Food Safety Work Plan

SA Health and Local Government are committed to working together to continuously improve food safety in South Australia.

A signed Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) between the Minister for Health and Ageing and the Local Government Association of South Australia (LGA) reflects the shared responsibility for food safety and clarifies state and local government responsibilities.

The MOU includes an agreement for SA Health and LGA to establish a work plan which aims to continuously improve food safety and the effectiveness of the Food Act in South Australia.

A summary of the work plan is provided below. 

Note: Projects are not listed in order of priority and can be undertaken concurrently.

Underpinning elements for all projects

  • Communication - ensure relevant and up-to-date information is provided to Environmental Health Officers (EHO's).
  • Indicators for reporting – ensure appropriate indicators are set to enable effective analysis and reporting of food regulation activities in SA.
  • Data management systems – ensure adequate data management for data collection, storage and analysis for reporting and decision making.
  • Workforce development – support education and professional development activities for EHO's
  • Small and remote councils – provide ongoing assistance and support to small and remote councils in fulfilling their Food Act obligations.

Work plan projects

Develop a statewide food safety rating system

Project Task Lead agency
Risk classification and inspection frequency Finalise and implement a statewide risk classification and inspection frequency system for food businesses. SA Health
Food Act toolkit Establish a toolkit for Environmental Health Officers (EHO's) that assists with the consistent interpretation, monitoring and enforcement of the Food Act and Food Safety Standards. SA Health and LGA
Food Safety Rating System Design and implement a statewide 'scores on doors' system based on the information established by project 1 and project 2 SA Health

Review and improve current systems

Project Task Lead agency
National Food Regulation Reform Share information and consult on relevant work being undertaken at the national level. For example food safety management. SA Health
Review of notifications Review the current notification system.
Consider other approaches including registration and licensing
LGA and SA Health
Audit and inspection fees Ensure audit and inspection fees are set at an appropriate level LGA


Working group

A working group was established in 2010 to oversee the work plan with representatives from SA Health, Local Government and Environmental Health Australia.

A number of key priorities have been identified by the working group for 2014 to 2016, which include:

  • developing a statewide food safety rating program.
  • introducing a statewide risk classification system for food businesses.
  • reviewing the current notification system for food businesses.

The working group will meet quarterly to review the progress of the plan and will report annually to the Public Health Council and LGA executive.

Key stakeholders will be engaged as projects on the work plan progress.

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