Men's health

Overall, South Australian men experience good health and wellbeing, however, population data indicate that there are many opportunities for improvement and for intervening early to prevent health problems commonly affecting men. 

Men are very interested in their health and most attend their GP at least annually. Most men with chronic health problems attend regularly. Men, more often than women, are accused of visiting their doctor later than necessary. This is because of their inherent tendency to self‑monitor, and their perceived barriers to accessing care, including work and family responsibilities.  It is therefore important that men make the most of their visit to health services. 

It is important to raise all health concerns when visiting your GP.  You can find men’s health information on the Foundation 49 website at, including an age-specific health checklist that you can take to your doctor to prompt discussion.

To find a GP in your local area visit our National Health Services Directory or the hospitals and health services page. 

You can also take steps towards looking after your health by tackling the SNAP lifestyle factors that have the greatest impact on health and wellbeing. These are Smoking, Nutrition, Alcohol and Physical activity! View the following resources for more information:

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