Men's health services

Overall, South Australian men experience good quality health and wellbeing, although there are significant variations in health outcomes among men. The Aboriginal male population of South Australia in particular fare poorest when compared to the rest of the male population.

A chronic illness or a sudden death that could have been prevented has far-reaching consequences for everyone involved. The impact of living with a chronic disease can have huge ramifications for the lifestyle of the individual and their family.

Despite this, many men are reluctant to get involved in their own health and deny themselves access to health care that can improve, prolong or even save their lives.

There are many reasons why men avoid a visit to their GP, including: 

  • because they are too busy
  • because they don’t think that their condition is serious enough to justify a visit
  • because they believe that they might be seen as weak if they complain about their medical problems.

It is important that men start to think more about their health and wellbeing, however, many adopt an 'it won't happen to me' attitude. 

Sadly, they can be proven wrong, especially if they don't take some preventative measures to minimise or reduce the development of chronic diseases or other serious medical conditions.

A General Practitioner (GP) can assist you in recognising the benefits that can be gained by better managing your health and help you plan and manage your long-term health and wellbeing.

To find a GP in your local area visit our National Health Services Directory or the hospitals and health services page.

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