Car parking fees at metropolitan hospitals

All patients and visitors are able to park free of charge for two hours in all of the open-air car parks at metropolitan hospitals.

This includes the open-air car parks at Hampstead Rehabilitation Centre, Modbury Hospital, The Queen Elizabeth Hospital, Noarlunga Hospital and the Lyell McEwin Hospital.

Public parking fees

Public fees, for the open air car parks at all metropolitan hospitals except Flinders Medical Centre, the Royal Adelaide Hospital and Women’s and Children’s Hospital will be payable by the hour as follows:

Hours Amount payable
0 to 2 hours Free
2 to 3 hours $2.50
3 to 4 hours $5.00
4 to 5 hours $7.00
5 to 6 hours $8.00
6 to 7 hours $9.00
7 to 8 hours $10.00
8 to 9 hours $11.00
9 to 10 hours $12.00
10 or more hours (all day) $13.00

The multi-deck car parks at Flinders Medical Centre and Lyell McEwin Hospital will continue to have a daily rate of $13.00, starting at $2.50 for the first hour.

There is free car parking available, on a restricted time basis, at the Repatriation General Hospital.

People making regular, lengthy visits to family or friends can purchase a weekly ticket for $38.00 from the pay stations.

Are there any exemptions?

If you are a volunteer or have to attend the hospital for frequent clinical reasons you can apply for a fee exemption.

More information on the exemptions and how to apply are available on the exemptions page.

More information

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