Elective surgery services

A major priority for the South Australian Government is to reduce the waiting time for patients who require elective surgery in our hospitals.

If you require elective surgery, your specialist will place you on a hospital’s booking list after a medical assessment. They will determine how urgent your condition is and plan your surgery using one of the three national clinical urgency categories:

Category 1: Admission within 30 days is desirable for a condition that has the potential to deteriorate quickly to the point that it may become an emergency.
Category 2: Admission within 90 days is desirable for a condition causing some pain, dysfunction or disability but which is not likely to deteriorate quickly or become an emergency.
Category 3: Admission within 12 months is acceptable for a condition causing minimal or no pain, dysfunction or disability, which is unlikely to deteriorate quickly and which does not have the potential to become an emergency.

There are eight metropolitan public hospitals and twenty seven country public hospitals which perform elective surgery which are referred to as Booking List Hospitals in SA.

Additional information in relation to elective surgery can be accessed by visiting the Elective Surgery website, including treatment times for elective surgery in our metropolitan hospitals. You and your doctor can use this information so you have an idea of the likely time you may wait to access surgery. The information may also assist you to make informed decisions and allow your doctor to better plan your care options.

The website also contains:

  • patient information
  • General Practitioner information
  • clinical urgency categories
  • time to treatment performance by hospital
  • types of elective surgery data
  • frequently asked questions.


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