Health Information Broker

The State Government has been embarking on an ambitious Integration strategy for public health services, driven by the need to make improvements in service quality across our entire health system, and to ensure the people of South Australia receive the appropriate care in the right location at the right time.

Over the past five years, Integration Engineers have been working, designing and building the Health Information Broker, while supporting the SA Premier's 10-point plan for the state embodying innovation, information and health research to ensure our hospitals and health sites provide efficient, effective, high quality care.

The Health Information Broker has achieved significant reform, with information flow now better aligned to hospital needs, leading to improved health outcomes for the community.

We are now looking at how we can embed continual clinical innovation and high quality care into everything that we do.

Foundation stage

The foundation stage of the Health Information Broker is now near completion – many of the core interfaces have been implemented across the Local Health Networks and our capital infrastructure investments has provided capacity to take us forward into the next five years. Many clinical units located at the various hospitals have benefited, with the resulting increase in the standard of care provided. Some have even been able to change focus completely.

Further information

See the Health Information Broker presentation (PDF 840KB) for more details.




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