Mental Health Act consultation

Review of the Mental Health Act 2009 

During 2013 and 2014 the Office of the Chief Psychiatrist undertook a Review of the Mental Health Act 2009. The Review provides an account of matters that came to light in the first four years of operation of the Act and issues raised in the course of public submissions and focused consultations. A total of 301 matters were identified, with 160 (53%) of those related to the Act, 127 (42%) related to mental health service delivery and resourcing, and 14 (5%) related to other legislation.

The Review examines the 160 Act-related matters and provides discussion and recommendations for those which require legislative change, rather than those concerned with the implementation of current provisions. The Review makes 72 recommendations to provide clarity, improve rights and enhance service delivery.

The Review was tabled in Parliament on 1 July 2014 and has undergone four weeks of public consultation.

Consultation is now closed.

Feedback received will now be collated and any further information will be released on this page in due course.


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