Consumer flow across the mental health stepped system of care review

There has been significant investment to improve mental health infrastructure. New infrastructure has included:

  • inpatient units
  • intermediate care centres
  • community rehabilitation centres
  • supported accommodation
  • community mental health centres.

Much of this new infrastructure has been developed and located in the community and closer to where people live.

However there has been an increase in presentations to emergency departments by people with mental illness. This increase in presentations, together with the increase in winter demand last year across the health system, placed our emergency departments under considerable pressure.

The review

To better understand these delays, external consultants KPMG, were engaged to review the mental health consumer flow across the mental health stepped system of care.

The KPMG review was completed in March 2015 and made a series of findings and recommendations to improve service flows through the stepped system of care and reduce waiting times for mental health consumers in emergency departments.

SA Health’s response to the review

SA Health has developed an action plan to implement the KPMG findings and recommendations, as well as achieving the emergency department performance targets.


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