SA Cervix Screening Program

Our aim

  • reduce the number of cases of cervical cancer and the impact on the community of illness and death from cervical cancer
  • increase the number of women who are regularly screened, as well as promoting high-quality Pap smear screening and follow-up services
  • provide an efficient and coordinated cervical cancer screening program which is consistent with the aims of the National Cervical Screening Program.

One of the main tasks of the SA Cervix Screening Program (SACSP) is to encourage women to have a Pap smear every two years in line with the national policy. We target the general population of women, with particular emphasis on women who are over 50 years, Aboriginal women, women who live in low screening areas and women from non-English speaking backgrounds.

In recognition that Aboriginal women often have poorer health than non Aboriginal women, SACSP has a specific team working with Aboriginal communities across SA.

What we do

  • health promotion activities which encourage women’s participation in screening
  • informing service providers of policy and guidelines
  • provide the SA Cervix Screening Registry (SACSR) to ensure women return for regular Pap smears and/or follow-up tests
  • provide quality assurance for all aspects of screening
  • work to address the needs of women from culturally diverse backgrounds

We have established the SA Cervix Screening Registry, which is a central database that contains a woman’s history of Pap smears and other cervical cancer related test results in South Australia. The Registry:

  • reminds women when Pap smears or other follow-up tests are overdue
  • provides a safety net for the follow-up of women with abnormal Pap smears
  • provides doctors with an appropriate management tool in line with the national guidelines
  • assists laboratory staff in making the most appropriate follow-up recommendations
  • provides a back-up to individual medical practitioners' reminder systems.
  • provides statistics on screening participation.

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